We want to hear your voices.

This is where you can leave comments or questions for guests. Sometimes we also ask for other specific snippets.

These will go to air. If you don’t want your message played, please contact us by email.

Thank you for being part of it!

Please record one of the following messages which we can play on air:


I’m [name] from [place], and you’re listening to RMR – Local Pulse, Global Beat.

For example, “I’m Bob from Brookfield and you’re listening to RMR – Local Pulse, Global Beat.”


Please record something to encourage others to join the RMR crew. For example:

“Hi this is Sally, I’ve joined the RMR crew because I want a local radio station, it rocks and I want it to stay, you should join too!”

Radio Margaret River, Local Pulse Global Beat

RMR is an internet radio station

  • Listen through our website
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  • Listen in your car by connecting via bluetooth

Local Pulse, Global Beat