Haus of Rex

With DJ Rexstuff
Friday 9-10:30pm
Live one week, repeated the next
Saturday 9-10:30pm Repeat
More shows here…Just search for Radio_Margaret_River.

Its always festival season somewhere, get down the front of the Haus and get loose..
Lose yourself in the Haus as we wind our way this weeks bangers..
Pure vibes on the Haus of Rex Podcast, come for a ride..
90 minutes of Haus music
It starts with Disco and we crank it up from there…Come into the Haus..
Something’s cooking in the Haus, Tune in for sweet Beats.
Heavy on the beats in the Haus tonight
90 minutes of Bloc rockin beats, let’s go baby!

Friday’s are for Dancing…fire up the mirrorball and get the disco boots on! (*The disco is just to suck you in by 45 minutes in we are up to 138 BPM…)

90 minutes of electronic madness Haus of Rex style
Rex is in the Karnidale Circus festival Haus, but has put together 90 minutes of tracks that have been doing it over the last two weeks…
Rex is at the Western Australian circus festival spinning tracks but the beats keep coming on RMR.
Ignore the TTTTTTTTTTTTech issues and come for the bangers, see you in the Haus!
Some classics, some wierdness and some thumpers at the end, see you in the Haus!

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